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Oxdog Plastic Types and Floorball Blades

Choosing the right blade is just as important as choosing the right shaft model because the blade is the ultimate connection between the player and the ball. Having the right blade is therefore of utmost importance, and you must ensure that the blade's pre-hook, concavity, and plastic type are carefully selected to suit you.

Plastic Types


Known as PP plastic in most contexts. This plastic provides a soft ball touch and a cushioned feel during dribbling. The plastic requires a lot of heat when hooking. During the shooting moment, this plastic is not as strong as NB because it is softer in material. Once you've hooked the blade, the hook stays longer. It's therefore more difficult to angle the blade during matches.


MB plastic with a carbon fiber plate in the blade for increased rigidity and lower weight. This type of plastic is optimal for shots and dribbling.


MB plastic with two carbon fiber plates in the blade for increased rigidity and lower weight. This plastic type is optimal for shots. The extra carbon fiber plate strengthens the blade even further during shots compared to MBC.


The plastic also known as PE plastic. This plastic has been around longer than PP plastic and is more classic. The ball touch is not as soft as in MB plastic. This makes the plastic harder and more resistant during the shooting moment. This plastic is easier to hook as it does not require as much heat. It is also easier to angle the blade during matches as the hook is more lively in this plastic.



A blade that has been in Oxdog's range for a long time. This floorball blade is optimal for all types of shots. The blade has a convexity of 9 mm. In addition to being a good shooting blade, it has qualities that benefit both dribbling and passing. The open angle of the blade provides good ball control. It is slightly harder in plastic than other models from Oxdog. A blade suitable for seniors and juniors who prefer harder blades.


Floorball blade with many features. This blade has a convexity of 9.5 mm, making it very suitable for shots. The original hook on this blade is quite substantial, so if you like a lot of hook, this is the blade for you. If you prefer a smaller angle, it is of course possible to hook it back. The top of the blade has a pocket that provides many opportunities for interesting hooks.

FSL (Fast-Shoot-Light) 

A blade developed with inspiration from the Avox and OptiLight blades. This is a lightweight shooting blade with good ball control. The blade has a large 9.5 mm convexity for a very nice feel and good ball contact. Just like OptiLight, this blade is used on some of Oxdog's top clubs.


Oxdog's lightest floorball blade, weighing only 66 grams. This blade gives you great ball control and fantastic touch when dribbling. Despite being so light and soft, it's also a good shooting blade. The blade has a convexity of 9 mm. This blade is for those who like light equipment and good performance. The blade can be found on several of Oxdog's top clubs.


Oxdog blade specially designed for junior players. This blade is smaller than the other blades in Oxdog's range. It is easy to play with, lightweight, and has a hook from the start that is well designed for young players. The blade has a convexity of 8.5 mm and a three-degree open angle. Perfect for younger players.

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